Timothy Noble Susan Webster

Timothy Noble and Susan Webster are remarkable artists who have demonstrated extraordinary talent in their craft. They have shown that creating art with minimal or no investment is a testament to their dedication and creativity. Their work reflects genuine energy and concentration, as they produce unique pieces with limited support and no tools, a challenge that only enhances their artistry.

One of their most introspective collections, known as “The Trash to Shadows Project,” involved the creation of shadows made from rubbish. In this remarkable series, Timothy Noble and Susan Webster saved six months’ worth of their trash and transformed discarded materials into art. Using the play of light and shadow, they turned what others might consider waste into a powerful statement about the environment and our perception of beauty in unexpected places.

I deeply appreciate artists like Timothy Noble and Susan Webster, who do not rely on great wealth but instead draw from their talents and community support to enrich their work. Their commitment to their craft, whether through personal contributions or their roles in their artistic communities, is truly commendable.

For a deeper understanding of the artistry of Timothy Noble and Susan Webster, I encourage you to explore their works and the unique perspectives they bring to the art world.

Reducing Waste and Zero-Waste Systems: In an age where sustainability is paramount, it’s worth reflecting on our impact. How much trash do you generate in six months? Measuring the amount of waste we send to the landfill is a great first step towards reducing it. As we strive to become a “zero-waste” society, we may look back to the future. According to this article posted by United Nations University, the Aztec civilization pioneered many zero-waste systems and employed intensive recycling of nutrients, creative reuse of materials, and thoughtful management of resources.

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