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Your products are printed and dispatched & posted from third party drop shipping businesses, who are located globally: Elluse aka Helen, the designer is located in Manchester in the UK.

We’re a new business and hoping everything has been, set up correctly. If this is not the case, please contact us, and we will rectify the issue.

If your item has run out of stock, it may get diverted to another sorting office globally. This won’t affect you with cost – so don’t worry!

Also, if the third party business has a stocking issue, they will swop the product to another similar product. Keeping the quality the same obviously.


Since Helen was a child,  she’s been creating art, as her mother was an art teacher, and taught her from a young age how to explore lots of mediums and experiment creatively.

She enjoyed learning new skills and found herself creating art and design, but it was always entwined in learning something new. This could be improving her drawing skills, but it could also found herself learning new technologies and software. She likes to push herself to learn, as its good for your brain health.


After completing her Fine Art Bachelors Degree, she became very interested in computer design software and furthered her education in the Adobe Creative Suite. With this and lots of enthusiasm, she was able to get employment at an internet software business as an HTML Developer.

This led to a career that lasted (twenty years and counting) encompassing varied roles, across the fields of Graphic Design and Website Development.

During that time, she began to recognize how unique her collection of skills was as most of my colleagues were solely focusing on creating designs and websites. She also harboured an interest in how her work generates leads.

And in her last full-time graphic design position, in the global financial business Capify, she started to contemplate starting her own business and made steps to start Elluse


Elluse is the product of my fascination with being ‘Elusive’ and not defining or placing myself anywhere when it comes to who she is as a person and the mediums and styles she uses in her artwork.

Helen has always been interested in how human beings like to understand everything and label things. Obviously, she can see this is a form of intelligence, as scientists do this when learning, but she can also see how damaging it can be to countries that receive this type of examination.

The type of disruptive behaviour shes talking about is when people go over to other countries and examine how that culture works and usually try to change it – to fit into a more capitalist order.  She wonders if these obsessions with controlling people make themselves feel in control, in an uncontrollable world. I also wonder if it’s a lot to do with people being obsessed with power and money.

Because of this interest, her art evokes thoughts of escapism and being a free spirit. Self-love feelings and self-empowerment are deeply rooted in her work and the joy of being an individual.

She encourages everyone to find out their opinions and not just go to media to form it for you.

Helen says “If you start to read books and research on relevant subjects;  you will then develop your OWN opinions on issues that matter. Doing this will lead you to understand yourself more deeply, leading to REAL self-love and self-confidence. Who wouldn’t want that?”


Some quotes Helen likes and are to do with her philosophy:

“To define is to limit” – Oscar Wilde.
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” – Jimi Hendrix