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Since Helen was a child,  she’s been creating art, as her mother was an art teacher and taught her from a young age to explore lots of mediums and experiment creatively.

As she grew up, she found mixing up her art with learning new skills was an enjoyable process. It would be mostly to do with new technologies and software but had been in the past learning sculpture, lino print, photography and many more.  Helen loved the combination of learning something new and creating her art and would at times get involved in reading philosophy and political discussions, which would all be entwined in her art.

She found as an artist a pressure to choose a medium and develop her own unique style. But doing this was not something she wanted to do, and she found it important to carry on learning for the rest of her life and not separate it from her art. Because of this, Helen’s art doesn’t look all the same as so many artists seem to conform to, and she finds that whole concept annoying to her creativity.  She feels that society pushes artist’s to think this way and conform, basically so business people can use them as a tool, where they can market that artist and make money.


After completing a Fine Art Bachelors Degree,  Helen became very interested in computer design software and furthered her education in the Adobe Creative Suite. With this and lots of enthusiasm, she could get employment as an Internet Software Developer. This led to a career (twenty years and counting) encompassing varied roles across the fields of Graphic Design and Website Development.

During that time, she began to recognize how unique her collection of skills was as most of my colleagues were solely focusing on creating designs and websites. She also harboured an interest in how her work could engage people. In her last full-time Graphic Design position in the global financial business Capify, she started to contemplate starting her own business. She made steps to start Elluse, an Alternative Edgy Shop.