Website Package

Price: £160*

For Artists & Musicians Only

Price: £160*

Time:Three days

Price: £250*

Deposit: £100* – (This will be taken out of the above price or given back)

Hosting: £1 – £9- per month* (Depending on the type of server needed)

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What do I provide with this website design package?

I can build you a basic, yet functional and great value for money, WordPress website. I will handle all domain names and site content as well if needed.

If you run a business that deals with customers, clients or the general public, then you need to have a website! You need to be found easily in Google, you also need to convey essential information, and you need to be available on a person’s smartphone.

It is guaranteed that all your competitors are! I can provide your first business website for you at a sensible price, and it will look fantastic!

What can I do for you?

I can build you a fully functional website for your business. The sites I make are all on the WordPress platform and are superb value for money, responsive, brochure-type designs. I collaborate with programmers as well.

What you will receive is a well designed, extremely attractive and well laid out website on WordPress that will serve the needs of your business perfectly.

WordPress Integration

If you need a CMS website, you can’t go wrong with WordPress. It’s easy to use, scalable and open-source, so it keeps down development costs while offering a platform that has a large community of developers.

What do I need from you to get started?

As much information about your business as possible. If you want to write your copy, or if you want me to work with a professional copywriter who can do this for you.

What sort of feel and design you want your website to convey. We can sort all of this out with a consultation though.

If you find my packages a bit pricey, you can always talk to me about setting up a monthly retainer scheme, booking me in for three months would make it cheaper.

Past projects from my portfolio:

How the project will go forward in priority:

1) We will write a small brief that we both agree on and sign off.

2) You can choose to buy a logo package (There are two available), or I will use a logo you have or create a speedy generic one.

3) I will create a WordPress website design and get sign this signed off by you, before moving to the development of your website. Sign off means I cannot change your end design after this unless you agree to pay my hourly rate for the changes and starting the development of the website again.

4) I will begin the build of your WordPress website. Which will means sorting your domain out and server space. You will need to set these up with your bank account details as will be a rolling monthly and annual payments.

5) I will spend three hours showing you’re the back-end of the CMS side of your WordPress website and any answering any technical questions you may have.

6) If you want more advice, you will need to book me in using my hourly rate.

7) I will set up your WordPress website development version for you to work on, this means you can work on changes on your website, without it affecting your live site.

8) If you need the dev version of the website made Live. I can do this for you on my hourly rate. Usually, it takes an hour unless there are technical complications.


First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.