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War & Sex

Do you ever get the feeling there are stronger forces at work? As soon as I was born, there was so much pressure as a female from the media to be sexualised, even from a young age. The way you look and how attractive you are is always a dominant discussion and because of this topic, I’ve noticed a few males struggling with how to interact with women/girls.

As a child, I had emotional issues as I came from an abusive family. Because of this, I grew up slower than the average child, as I was ignored and not helped to learn and grow. When I was twelve, I was attacked and raped by someone off the streets in a car. So by the time, It came to puberty at school and other girls had started thinking about the opposite sex. I was not ready to start thinking about this subject and didn’t think about marriage and babies until I was twenty-two. 

If you are an attractive girl, the amount of positive and negative attention you get in your teenage years and early twenties is unbelievable, I think it’s because of the media and men’s hormones. Because of all my issues, I found my looks and beauty a hindrance as the attention I received made me feel anxious and didn’t give me peace of mind.

I’m not saying all the men/women I meet are all like sex addicts, but I did seem to feel like a pawn to a lot of people. Many people seemed to forget about treating people just like other human beings and instead looked for motives to help themselves. Such as making themselves more wealthy and helping them find some sexual confidence or to use you to attract the opposite sex.

The Earth & War

The pressure on young people to start a family from their families and the media is immense. Because of this pressure, men and women may think the only reason we are on this is earth is to procreate; maybe we as humans have lost our way and are doing this because they don’t know what to do instead. 

I sometimes think, maybe the media is part of one big conspiracy to feed wars for the rich and powerful? David Attenborough once said that the fact we have massive populations is the reason the earth is under so much pressure, and if women were able to choose what they do with their bodies and have access to the contraceptive pill, it would help our earth heal. This made me think there are other ways to raise families, such as Kibbutz, maybe that could be the solution.

My Life

When I was twelve, I was attacked and raped, and before this, my birth mother left me at the age of two. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, my father was never around, as he is an alcoholic—so growing up in the UK was massively difficult. As it’s just all about sex and families, I didn’t like what my society was about and found it tricky on many levels and found myself reaching out to alternative lifestyles.  


My mind seemed irrelevant in the way the media portrays  women. I don’t enjoy being looked at as a sex object and want people to respect me as a person full-stop. The message all my life has been, be quiet, do what you’re told, and look pretty. 

I wanted a partner I could trust, as so many had already let me down, including teachers and social workers. I think everyone wants a partner they can trust, but people can stray away from this concept and get influenced by peer pressure and the media. Some people will even go as far as choosing a partner purely down to their looks and money. Seriously will that make you happy?


Now I’m older and have no children because I think I was damaged from my rape and also the fact I have endometriosis. I see the many wars worldwide created mainly by old white men. I wonder if these men put this massive pressure of sex in the media as a motive; maybe they want a large population to make money and have fighters/soldiers for their wars, i.e. cannon fodder for their many battles.

Wars cause so much pain and suffering. They cause countries to push for large populations and almost treat people like farm animals. The consequence is the destruction of the land and, therefore, our wildlife are becoming extinct . 

Also, we have many issues of family deforce and family breakups, which I can also see could be war-related. Bare with me! I will explain! My father never saw his dad as he was fighting in the second world war, and when he returned home, he had PTSD. It was a massive pressure, and I think maybe the reason my father has anxiety issues and drinks alcohol, which has then affected me and the choices I have made in my life and this probably went on with many families too.

NHS Health

Because there seems to be a massive focus on childbirth and women having families, in our society, we are not caring for our women effectively either. It’s ignored the many consequences caused by this momentum, such as many women who have gynaecology issues. Such as endometriosis that is not cared for as much as it should be. Many charities are trying to raise this issue for women to get the care they deserve. The number one focus is to have as many women have babies full stop. 


The more your think about it, the more you realise even our food has been mass-produced, and the number one aim is to feed this massive population/soldiers. Shoving under the carpet the fact our food is not very healthy as its full of pesticides and chemicals. The main focus is serving an enormous sway of people, which is now causing obesity problems which I don’t think would have been the plan.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my rambles.

I don’t; take myself too seriously and haven’t done much research on this subject. I would probably take a lot back it after doing some research and think What a load of bollocks😂

Anyway I enjoyed writing it, and I guess that’s all that matters!

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