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design & technical courses

Since starting my business in 2016, people ask if I do tutoring. Although I do not have any teaching qualifications in this area, I think I’m pretty good explaining technical and design skills in a simple, understandable language.

I cannot provide you with a computer and software for lessons but have a large meeting room that I could fill or do one to one experiences.
I work on the PC so couldn’t help with keyboard skills on the Mac but the software and technical skills outside this are pretty much the same on any computer or phone. A deposit is required too.

All you would need to do is either phone me or email to book in some dates.

Pricing below:
Businesses: £15 per hour or my day rate is £100
Students: £12 per hour
Seniors: £10 per hour
Children: £12 per

types of technical skills I can teach

  • Help setting up email, using email and using your mobile phone.
  • Creating graphics and changes to websites
  • Creating a book design and publish it
Artist Designer Manchester


After receiving a Fine Art Bachelors Degree with Hons from The University of John Moores Liverpool in 1998, I became very interested in computer arts, and during in the last year of the course, I followed up my interest by furthering my education via computer software courses.
Before starting Elluse, I pursued a successful career as a graphic designer & website designer for 20 years.

I worked within Marketing/Advertising/Internet departments and liaised with clients, programmers and marketers. Brands I have worked with include Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola and more.
During this time, I began to recognise just how unique my collection of skills were. The majority of my colleagues were 100% interested in creating Websites and Graphic Design and had no interest in whether the work they produce was making the company a profit. Additionally, my colleagues in the business departments were very business oriented but struggled with creativity.

While this was all good experience, I was unable to leverage my business skills under these circumstances and started to think about going out alone as a small business. Capify provided me with confidence. To entertain the idea of going out on my own, and in time, Elluse was born!

fine art, craft, technical & business focused courses

Date Attended: March 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: How to become a more effective and confident net-worker Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: January 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: Market Research Masterclass Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: January 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: Sales Masterclass Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: January 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: Branding Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: November 2014. Course Duration: 2 days Course Title: Advanced Word Press Location: MadLab Manchester


Dates Attended: May 2003 – July 2003. Course Duration: 10 days. Course Title: Designing Relational Databases using SQL. Location: University of Salford


Dates Attended: November 2000. Course Duration: 5 days. Course Title: Real-Time 3D Modelling with 3DS Max. Location: University Salford


Dates Attended: October 2000 – October 2000. Course Duration: 5 Evenings. Course Title: Intermediate Javascript. Location: IDEA Centre, University of Manchester


Dates Attended: September 1997 – December 1997. Course Duration: Twice a week Course Title: Multimedia and Design Location: CDSTfe Economic Development, College Diploma, 36 Slater Street, Liverpool


Dates Attended: April 1997 – May 1997. Course Duration: Twice a week. Course Title: Internet skills training: Location: University of Liverpool.