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Synopsis of the painting ‘Free Spirit.’



This artwork could be looked at me, moaning.  I think that’s okay, as it’s an affirmative, healthy moan, as I’ve created something positive from it.

I’ve always used my art to help me with my mental health. I come from a very upsetting background, were at a very young age, my parents left me. My stepmother, who was an art teacher, brought me up and taught me how to be creative. I will always be internally grateful to her for sharing me and guiding me in this way.

Art can be such support, and I would recommend it to anyone. You don’t have to compare and compete against other artists. Just do it for yourself and give yourself a break and don’t criticise what you achieve. Use it to ‘Big yourself up’ and think positively, about you, and what you are doing.


This artwork titled ‘free spirit’ is me expressing, being free like a bird—the feeling of escape away from our chaotic world and the stress and troubles that come with it.

Again I’m using the ‘simple shape’ on a chaotic background pattern. This suttle message has been explained philosophically in my previous blog posts. This simple shape refers to my love of Buddhism and meditation – as in keeping your mind simple and at ease.

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