My ‘Rave Under A Motorway Bridge‘ artwork hasn’t got a title yet as it’s a very recent piece of work, and this sort of thing cannot rush.

My art has always been about many topics and can have many layers to them. I can be thinking about things that are going on in the mainstream news and then linking that back to previous thoughts I have in the past. With that in mind, you will find below a paragraph talking about things briefly. If I had the time, I would love to research more and learn more, but I work full time, so this is as far as I go. Just a ponder.


If we call ourselves a civilized society, we should be happy to pay our taxes and help the disabled and underprivileged. That includes the poor with mental health issues that seem to get ignored.

The media should talk kindly about the disadvantaged in a nurturing way that talks about them as ordinary people who have dreams and aspirations. We should not shove them to our society’s side but welcome them with love and compassion.

I’m so proud to have raved in the 90s. Illegal raves may have been dangerous, but you could find many ‘types’ of people enjoying them. You could come across people you wouldn’t meet in your everyday life. Illegal raves didn’t have that barrier called money that hindered and stopped certain People from socialising. 

My painting ‘the rave under a motorway bridge‘ expresses what we are missing in our societies. Currently, licensed premises can not afford to provide space for the underprivileged or choose not to, as making money is the game’s name. Unfortunately, this segregates people and causes a separation in our society.

Competition, Capitalism & Society

As a society in a capitalist world, we signify the whole process of competition as a natural thing. Many people have moved away from religions and believe that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct. Where the more successful carry on evolving and the less successful become extinct, that means treating people in this cold-hearted way is acceptable and in no way mean.

For example:

  • – Driving past people who are homeless in expensive cars
  • – Eating in expensive restaurants when people outside cannot afford to eat

We have reached globally as humans, where one group of humans (the rich) are so successful that they are starting to impact the whole world? They have caused a monopoly and are wiping out our many indigenous populations and animal species. It will then begin to affect the entire ecological balance of the world and, in turn, will start to make us extinct as we as a species implode.

The lost souls

We are obsessed with competition and going up the ladder of success and wealth. But what happens to the people who cannot ‘get a break’ and are just unlucky, such as:

  • – People with mental illnesses who are poor
  • – People with no family to support them and poor
  • – The disabled who are poor

This list could be longer.

I’m trying to explain that this group above is enormous and complex and is not as simple as suggested in the media. But the message from our media is that they are somehow not good enough and don’t deserve a good life because they cannot work hard for it, but isn’t it their human right to thrive in life and not just survive.

The underprivileged, which is massive and complex, have one thing in common – being poor. Not everyone can work long hours and do physiysical work, and those unable to work are marginalized; at the same time, the cream of the crop lives its best life.

But are we saying they are the problem and somehow cannot live in our world unless they have support from wealthy benefactors and charities? Not all areas can afford to help the underprivileged.


Going back to when the industrial society started (the 1780s) and cities began to attract the poor. Underprivileged people started to move to the cities for a better life, thinking it must be better than what they already had, which was working on the land.

The people I’ve painted do not fit into our world. They are the descendants of the workers who migrated from the farmyards to the cities. These people gathered at this party are making the most of their lives and trying to be happy in a brutal world.


printing of the rave under the bridge

We as a society are going through significant changes right now. We realize the errors of our ways because of the industrial revolution, and our city living has caused such destruction not just to people but to our environment.

On the other hand, the successful are starting to question are they successful? They may have a nine to five work. But is it what they want from their lives. I have also added those figures into my painting.