Pack of 10 cards (2-sided, premium envelopes) Moths Dispatched From Norway


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I created this moths piece on the computer in the software illustrator. I’ve always contemplated what the point of doing a fine art painting is. Back then, when Fine Art portraits were fashionable, they didn’t have cameras; you would find Fine Art paintings had a function or use to them. But why do something as a Fine Art painting now, when you could use the computer – comes to my mind? Because of this, I’ve decided I will only paint when what I have in my mind cannot be done on the computer. As in the effect and feel of the work, would be lost as you may have sometimes noticed a painting can have an overwhelming feeling – because of the time and commitment the artist had put into the work. For this moths piece, the feel I was aiming for was more to do with the quote. I love this quote, and it has carried about with me for many years after seeing it on a T-shirt I purchased. It makes me think of Techno nights; what does it mean to you?


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A pack of 10 beautiful cards with envelopes. Perfect for any occasion. We recommend to use the semi-glossy or glossy options if you are to offer greeting cards with photos or images in them primarily. For text-heavy cards such as wedding invitations and thank you notes, we recommend matte paper as it is often used to create a more luxurious or professional feeling.
Premium thicker off-white envelopes are included
Minimum quantity: 1 pack of cardsPrinted on demand.
Only available currently in Europe

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A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm), 14.1×14.1 cm, A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)