Framed matte paper poster, funky gustav klimpt inspired art poster


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Add a bold statement piece to any room with this framed poster. Printed on quality, thick,
• Dispatched from Latvia
• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
• Paper weight: 5.57 oz/y² (189 g/m²)
• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Acrylite front protector
• Hanging hardware included
• 21×30cm posters are size A4
• Your product is printed, dispatched & posted from a third party business called
They are located globally and not in Manchester UK
• Not dispatched from Manchester UK
• Elluse, the designer, is located in Manchester UK only
I’m a new business and hoping everything has been, set up correctly. If this is not the case, please contact me, and I will rectify the issue.
If this item has run out of stock and is dispatched from Latvia, it may get diverted to another sorting office globally. This won’t affect you with cost – so don’t worry!
Also, if has a stocking issue, will swop the product to another similar product. Keeping the quality the same obviously.
It’s strange how, when you do art, looking at it complete maybe a couple of months after or even years. It can take you back, to that very moment you were creating it. I find artists mention this to me and it’s true! I can sometimes remember what I was thinking, wearing or listening too, when I look at a particular area of my paintings.
The history
This black and white pattern, I have carried around with me, since my university days. It’s amazing I still have it, as have moved around a lot since then. To think its probably twenty years old and lived in 30 odd homes. I remember one move I did, I was in a rush, possibly getting a lift and help from someone, and I just left a pile of art under the bed.
I couldn’t open the draw, and it was me either moving without it or braking the draw open. I couldn’t afford to be fixing draws and just left it all! Crazy, thinking back now, as I’m sure, I could have arranged to come back and get the stuff another time. I was struggling with anxiety at the time, and anyway, this was a stupid move.
The process
The pattern was for a plan I had thought up, to cover an entire wall, table, chair and floor with the same design. I needed a pattern; I could put into a photocopier, to help keep the costs down. It also needed to be a design that would work well when repeated.
The pattern came to me very quickly, as the dancing figure was something I drew all the time – almost like a ‘tag’. The rest of the artwork was from being inspired by Keith Harring, Gustav Klimpt and tribe African masks made in wood.
I can remember thinking. I shouldn’t be doing style as the animation type figure was at all like my other pieces of work I had produced at college and school. An artist, when in education, was taught to create, large bodies of artwork, that was the same in style and subject.
I think this was when I decided; I disagreed with that whole process of education as it was more concerned with giving that person career at the end of it, rather than real learning, where you explore your thoughts and form opinions. I was very young at the time and perhaps a bit idealistic! I disagreed with what the art world was telling me. I promised to myself I would experiment and evolve as an artist – always!

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