Subversive, Alternative, Edgy, Artist & Illustrator.


Hello! just in case you’re wondering, the logo name Elluse is an abbreviation for the word Elusive, which you will get an idea of why I call myself that by reading below.

My art explores how we conform as people and even as artists; we like to make all our art look the same, which is conforming. My artwork does not look the same, and I deliberately try many different mediums and styles because I can.

When expressing my thoughts in art,  I prefer to approach this by being subtle. I’m not an advertisement and don’t have to act like one. I’m also not about one thing but have many levels to my personality. I guess you can not place me anywhere and put me in a box like an object. I’m a person.

Since childhood,  I’ve been creating art, as my mother was an art teacher, and she taught me from a young age to explore lots of mediums and experiment creatively. As I grew as an artist, I loved learning and studied many technologies, computer software, sculpture, lino print, fine art, photography, installations, 3d printing, and recently setting up art exhibitions. I also like to read about philosophy and politics, which has heavily influenced my art, which is why my art has an edgy, off-the-beaten-track feel – as it is socialist.

I hate how society pressures artists to conform, choose an art medium, and find a unique style. I did not want to do this, and I think the whole concept was boring.

Art, to me, is not about business or making money but a way to live your life that doesn’t embrace the western society concept of buying products and throwing them away. It would be better for the planet and people’s mental health if more people became artists.

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Alternative Subversive Edgy Shop