Even more than ever, the environment plays more of a role in my views and what type of artists I admire. I love Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s work, imparticular their collection named British Rubbish from 1996 to 2010.

Timothy Noble and Susan Webster are two British artists who work as collaborative duo. They are associated with the post-YBA generation of artists. They take ordinary things, including rubbish, to make assemblages and then point light to create projected shadows that show a remarkable likeness to something identifiable, including self-portraits. 

They have a rock star quality to their image, and the fact they don’t spend a lot of money on what they create but spend bags of time on their work appeals to me. It’s easy to make something impressive (art-wise) if you have lots of money, such as a piece of art Damien Hurst’s created recently had diamonds in it.

Timothy Noble and Susan Webster art can inspire anyone from any class, such as the poor can get inspired, as it doesn’t cost money to do this type of art. Many artists realise the in-particular of doing art that doesn’t cost a lot to create, and some will go out of their way to keep it cheap and wear it as a badge of honour.  You can read more about Tim Noble and Susan Webster by clicking here>>

Timothy Noble Susan Webster

Timothy Noble Susan Webster

To me, if you can create a piece of art or music with no or a small amount of investment, you’re very talented. It shows real vigour and focus, as its more challenging to create something unique with very little support and no tools. Anyone can make great art and music if they have a big group of ‘staff’ rooting for them and all the tools they need to get it done.

I don’t appreciate or respect artists who are the rich and use other artists’ talent to support their work and don’t create it themselves or at least have a large amount of input. Just recently in the UK, the musician Guy Garvey has been talking about the problems musicians face when it comes to making a living. Read more about Guy Gavey click here>>

There needs to be more of a level playing field regarding how artists and musicians are cared for in our communities. Please do not waste your money buying music on Spotify and buying art from places like Saatchi Saatchi and go directly to an artists/musician website and buy from there.