Rave Under A Bridge Synopsis

My ‘Rave Under A Motorway Bridge‘ artwork hasn’t got a title yet as it’s a very recent piece of work, and this sort of thing cannot rush.

My art has always been about many topics and can have many layers to them. I can be […]

‘Feminism’ that word that causes a stir

I’ve been interested in feminism all my life; my mother was a teacher and talked about how she would go on political marches and feminism rallies in her youth. She showed an interest in women’s rights and chose not to wear a bra at one point in […]

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My thoughts on Tracy Emin

I remember being on my Fine Arts Degree in 1998 and the lecturers organised a coach to take our year to the Tate in London. It was strange for me back then as I was coming from poverty, so while all the students around me were going out […]

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