F**k You Fine Art Canvas Synopsis

 I’m having a ‘pop’ at the British establishment and bigging up the northern working-class worker in the UK. I wanted to use the following manchester bands as a metaphor to express a rebellious nature and not excepting what is handed to you. It’s our human […]

Rave Under A Bridge Synopsis

My ‘Rave Under A Motorway Bridge‘ artwork hasn’t got a title yet as it’s a very recent piece of work, and this sort of thing cannot rush.

My art has always been about many topics and can have many layers to them. I can be […]

My thoughts on Tracy Emin

I remember being on my Fine Arts Degree in 1998 and the lecturers organised a coach to take our year to the Tate in London. It was strange for me back then as I was coming from poverty, so while all the students around me were going out […]

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Synopsis of painting ‘black and white pattern.’


It’s strange how, when you do art, looking at it complete maybe a couple of months or even years. It can take you back to that very moment you were creating it. I find artists mention this to me, and it’s true! I can sometimes remember […]

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