Synopsis of the painting ‘Free Spirit.’


This artwork could be looked at me, moaning. I think that’s okay, as it’s an affirmative, healthy moan, as I’ve created something positive from it.

I’ve always used my art to help me with my mental health. I come from a very upsetting background, where my parents left me […]

A synopsis of my painting ‘Consumed.’


This painting expresses the technique of meditation and living a life in a humble Buddhist way. The boy is swirling around underwater, almost uncontrollably. It’s a metaphor for how we all feel in life sometimes.

The decisions we make are mainly down to acquiring money and getting employment. That […]

Surrealism and its philosophy

In Surrealism, the conversations on the subject ‘crisis of the object’ have been neglected mainly in studies dedicated to Surrealism. Some people think this is because the art world doesn’t like the surrealists, as they had ties with the communist party.

When […]

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