It’s such a strange time right now due to COVID-19 and so soon after Brexit in the UK.

It’s hard for me to accept many people who can remember what The Tories have done to poor people over the years. And still, they voted the tories in, with such a large majority too!

I’m someone from an impoverished background who has managed to clamber up the social status and class divides and is now in a position of comfort.

It’s tough for me to accept that many low-paid manual workers don’t understand business and the skills used in marketing. If they did, they would see how the government and the successful produce a lot of marketing to influence the population.

When people are marketed towards and persuaded to buy certain products and seduced with slick adverts, the same tools are being used in politics to influence people into voting one way or the other.

From the very day poor people are born, they are ‘gaslighted’ into thinking a certain way and socially engineered to provoke specific actions.

For example, this year, while everyone talked about COVID-19 and Brexit, our right-wing government slipped in a ban that no left-wing books should be available at our schools.

It’s so important that the next generation realises that many different views on things matter. If our youth have a balanced education, they are more likely to have a balanced opinion.

And before you think I’m talking about politics and whether you should become a socialist or libertarian, I’m not, I’m talking about the environment and all of its problems.

If we’re determined to fix the world and its environmental problems, we need to raise a population with a well-rounded education. That isn’t solely focused on money.

COVID-19, in my eyes, is a blessing, as it gives our world some time to rest and rejuvenate. I know it’s easy for me to say this, as I haven’t got the threat of becoming homeless anytime soon. But I think; it’s down to getting the masses educated for us all to have a better future.


COVID Politics

COVID Politics