Everything in our structure as a society needs money to function and live. Without money, a person cannot grow and see the world. Without money, a person can not live in a safe environment. Without money, your life is in your employer’s hands.

The lower down a person is in the class system, the less choice of work you have. Most people haven’t the money to choose who their employers are. They take what comes to them. If that employer is a big polluter of our earth, that’s how it is, and you have no involvement in changing things.

Businesses are to blame

Many businesses are unethical in my eyes. Such as, financial companies take advantage of people and lend money. Which causes people to get into debt very quickly – that’s immoral! Knowing they will make more money off the back of it.

Food producers mainly provide food with preservatives; these toxins can lead to illnesses and cancer. But the food producers still sell this on and tout the idea that food would get more expensive – if there weren’t chemicals in our food. But then spend a fortune on branding their products and advertisements – that’s immoral!

We are to blame

We hear on the news how the average person on the street needs to change the way they live and stop buying plastic. As they are playing, the blame game is which is just wrong! Again this is immoral.

Capitalism is to blame

The whole capitalist theory is that one person can take advantage of another person because they are more vulnerable. For example, you can pay someone less money if they have no choice other than that employment. Which then affects their kids when it comes to heating their home or what food they have, which needs to stop.

I don’t blame businesses, as they need to make a living themselves and no doubt will have high rent prices to pay for; because their landowner wants to live an opulent lifestyle or is greedy.

Capitalism is just endless; it grows bigger and bigger, happening worldwide. Stressed out, people are trying to make money and are under a lot of pressure. Many of them are working themselves to death and have no time to do the right thing. Our world’s natural resources are just being shoved to the side and forgotten about.

What we can do

So what can we all do? According to the media, we should all change our actions and drip-by-drip; it will make a difference. Like what Greta Thunberg said, ‘Blar Blar Blar’, so really as if the average person can make a difference. So the next option is to protest. Well, this is going well (not). There are endless protests, and it doesn’t do anything. 

We as a society

Have you noticed how we, as a society, are split into two types of people? We go to work most all our lives and keep to the rules your employer gives us. Which is generally very old fashioned; For example, I worked in a place where all the women worked in the admin and the men sales. 

It worsens, as we usually work under strip lighting all day and our office culture will leave our computers on overnight. There is no surprise that the planet is not at the top of our agenda.


We are not talking about how to become a more kind and ethical person. Our religions are less dominant, and their values are becoming lost. All our schools teach us; to become competitive people and strive to be better people than others.

My view

In my eyes, we need a complete overhaul of our morality. We have moved away from religion in the UK, but we are missing something to replace it with.

Being spiritual doesn’t have to be about believing in a god. Those who have spiritual relationships with the planet have rituals and blessings for what we receive from the ground. We are missing a spiritual connection to the earth and one another. I would suggest that we take some inspiration from the many old tribes in our world. 

Doing various rituals away from religions could mean having more of a connection to our planet. The whole scientific approach using the carbon footprint, for example, makes us sterile. There needs to be more love, and it really would help us all move forward and become less money orientated and materialistic.

The government should help all of our society and help us become a more caring society and want to support the poor and the vulnerable where a tax raise is praised as it gives more support to those who need the money. We need as businesses to stop taking advantage of people and give them the tools to thrive.