Our media has got better when it comes to having an inclusive attitude and involving all types of people, particularly the bbc. But i still think we have a long way to go. If we call ourselves a
civilised society, we should be happy to pay our taxes and help the disabled and underprivileged.

I’m so proud to have raved in the 90s. Illegal raves may have been dangerous, but you could find lots of types of people there that, for whatever reason, wouldnt get into the posh clubs. This rave under bridge artwork shows all the types of people that make our lives interesting. The ones that live on the edge of society and prefer being alternative.

It’s cool to have a mixture of people at a club night, not just one type of person like middle-class posh people. (boring)



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Turn your art into a beautiful canvas. The canvas texture intensifies the image’s natural look and feel.

– Canvas frames are made of FSC® certified wood. When not available PEFC or equivalent.

– Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2″) thick frame

– Thick canvas has a 4 cm (1.6″) thick frame

– Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.

– Mounting kit included

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