Welcome to the blog page dedicated to the “Who We Are” event, an inspiring gathering that I had the pleasure of organizing after years of searching for the perfect venue. This event emerged from a Facebook Group I set up, which has since grown into a supportive community of friendships and artistic collaboration.

Who is FRACT – Fractured Artist Collective?

FRACT is a group of UK North Artists who push the boundaries of creativity. We produce art that is Edgy, Punk, Raw, Alternative, Hedonistic, Escapist, Still Life, and anything else that resonates with our artistic souls. While we lean politically left, our primary focus is on the art itself rather than overt political expression.

We believe the conventional ways art is evaluated and commercialized often miss the essence of what art truly represents. Art should be about personal expression and connection rather than adhering to arbitrary standards. By embracing the idea that beauty is subjective and valuing every individual’s creative output, we aim to make art a more inclusive and less competitive field.

“Art to me is not about business or making money but a way to live your life that doesn’t embrace the Western society concept of buying products and throwing them away. If more people became artists, it would be better for the planet and people’s mental health.” – Helen Jones, Founder of Fractured Artist Collective

For this event, I not only showcased my own art but also took on the role of organizer, ensuring every detail was in place. The event took place in the cellar of a popular club called Joshua Brooks in Manchester, a vibrant and dynamic setting that perfectly complemented the eclectic nature of our collective’s work. I also created the brand logo and designed the flyer, bringing a cohesive and visually striking identity to the event.

On this page, you will find photos and details of the event, showcasing the dynamic works of our members. Each piece reflects the unique perspectives and unfiltered creativity that define FRACT. We invite you to explore and appreciate the raw, unpolished beauty of our collective’s creations.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Together, we can redefine the value of art and its role in our lives.

large fractured poster small 1 scaled