Ego, Jealousy & Greed: A Creative Process

The three collections, Ego, Jealousy & Greed, emerged through a creative process involving PVC glue and photographic prints. The canvas was coated with PVC glue, onto which a photographic print was pressed. This technique transfers the ink to the canvas, and you can delicately lift off the paper using water and your fingers. I chose this method to stay connected to my Fine Art background and ensure my creations endure for future generations to appreciate.

Challenging Mental Health Through Art

Living with endometriosis has led me to rely on medication to manage ongoing severe pain. This sometimes impacts my mental well-being, but I often maintain a positive mental state through proper nutrition, rest, and exercise. These artworks originated during an emotional struggle when I attempted to discontinue my anti-depressant medication that was helping with my anxiety. Ultimately, I continued the medication due to overwhelming anxiety and paranoia.

Delving into Ego, Jealousy, and Greed

The three paintings delve into moments of challenging mental health. During times of darkness, I’m affected by people’s emotions and moods, which can sometimes distress me, possibly due to my sensitive nature. Of particular concern is when individuals grapple with their mental health issues, manifesting as Ego, Jealousy, and Greed in their interactions.

Materialism and the Quest for Respect

This behaviour is prevalent in Western culture, where the emphasis is placed on material possessions and career success for garnering respect. We’re bombarded with materialism around the clock, presented with opulent lifestyles in the media, and led to believe that acquiring possessions like luxurious homes or cars will bring admiration and happiness.

Embracing Positivity and Mindfulness

I sometimes wish people understood that these emotions can overpower us if we’re not conscious of their potential. It’s important to pause when the ego takes control and acknowledge moments of envy as emotions that need not dictate our reactions. Let these feelings pass by, embracing positivity and contentment in your mind.

Buddhism’s Influence on Emotions

Buddhism introduces mindfulness and meditation to this discourse. These practices teach individuals to detach from these overpowering emotions and embrace passion, love, and happiness. However, this is easier said than done, especially for those facing financial struggles. Moreover, our society’s division into the privileged and less privileged complicates matters.

The Power of Gratitude

In a world that often emphasizes the individual over the collective, infusing gratitude into your life becomes crucial. Remember, life could always be worse, but choosing gratitude can make a positive difference.

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