I embarked on an artistic journey to create a piece with commercial appeal among the Cheshire set and its teenage girls. However, as I delved into the creative process, a transformation occurred. The emerging artwork shifted from a feminine, commercial, and light-hearted concept to something more edgy, reflecting a sense of unrest and anxiety.

This transition in style became a canvas to explore the anxieties faced by women in the UK, particularly those from the Cheshire set. Societal pressures can limit personal growth, such as the need to conform, maintain a specific appearance, embody kindness, and take on family responsibilities and caregiving roles.

Art became my medium to confront these anxieties and express deeper emotions. The initial pink and girlish style, born out of frustration, took on new meaning, highlighting the restrictions these societal pressures can impose.

As I ventured further into this journey, the artwork evolved to incorporate elements such as beads and embroidery, deviating from its original commercial intent.

What’s This Art Piece About

The central figure in this artwork mirrors my journey. Initially designed for the Cheshire set’s teenage girls, emphasising beauty and fashion, the artwork incorporated unicorn colours for visual appeal. However, as the creative process unfolded, the artwork transformed.

I experimented with textures, adding beads and various elements, moving away from commercial ideals. Instead, I embraced a more provocative and edgy direction, strikingly contrasting black and soft pink, symbolizing a rebellion against the initial concept.

Over a year, I became deeply connected to the creative process, with the initial commercial intention clashing with evolving views on women’s roles and societal expectations. The pink and feminine image initially designed for the Cheshire set’s teenage girls no longer felt appropriate. The artwork transformed into a more unsettling and anxiety-laden expression.

The concept of ‘juxtaposition’ became a central theme in the artwork, representing the divided nature of individuals in a capitalist world, where we often compartmentalize our personalities for different contexts.

Exploring with ChatGPT

During this transformative journey, I turned to ChatGPT, an AI language model, to help me articulate and clarify my evolving thoughts and emotions as expressed through my art. ChatGPT played a pivotal role in helping me convey the meaning and significance behind the art more effectively.