As an artist who has yet to reach a professional point in my artwork, I find AI useful, especially since it can help artists with limited time. (If only AI were helping us with this – such as keeping the streets clean and helping with the environment. Rather than helping to do the interesting stuff such as Art and Writing!

However, some professional business-type artists who make/want to make a living from their art might see AI as a threat. The problem with AI is not the technology itself but the fact that some people use it to deceive others.

Therefore, when I use AI, I always make it clear that I am using it, either by adding a note at the bottom of my written work or by adding a little title near my artwork. I only use AI on my artwork and will never take AI-generated images and pass them off as my own.


It’s important to consider certain factors when using AI tools for digital art in today’s society. AI digital art heavily relies on filters created by other artists, making it not entirely original. Therefore, it’s reasonable for software to prohibit the sale of such art erations can enjoy.

Also, while digital art is fascinating, it may not last as long as traditional art forms, such as painting on canvas, which future generations can enjoy.

Lastly, while digital art embraces technology, we must remember that technology has its drawbacks, such as the negative impact on the environment due to the use of copper and excessive power consumption.

In conclusion, this era of technology is similar to the industrial age for artists. Back then, artists were divided between those who embraced manufacturing as the future and those who did not see it as a good thing. They were called the ‘Arts and Crafts movement’.


Children tend to have a different perspective than adults and are less pressured to be politically correct or perform intelligent acts to please others. We can learn a lot from children, such as the importance of honesty and planning before rushing into things without considering the consequences.

This way of living your life makes complete sense, and many people agree that being honest and thinking before you take action is a good move. However, these rules fall by the wayside once people enter their working lives. People we are most likely to look up to, such as politicians, need help being honey and planning for a rainy day with our money. Instead, they focus solely on making money, usually ignoring the consequences of their actions.