Welcome to my blog page dedicated to my past solo exhibition, A Retrospective of My Life as an Artist, showcased at the Chorlton Arts Festival 2023. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in my artistic journey, offering a comprehensive look at the evolution of my work over the years.

As you browse through this page, you’ll find the official exhibition flyer and a collection of photos capturing the essence of the event. Each piece of art displayed in the exhibition is a chapter of my story, representing different phases of my creative development.

The artworks showcased span a variety of mediums and styles, reflecting my continuous exploration and growth as an artist. Alongside the images, I’ve included a sample of the text that accompanied my works, providing insights into the inspiration and meaning behind each piece.

Thank you for joining me in this retrospective journey. I hope you enjoy exploring my art and the stories they tell as much as I enjoyed creating them.

“Art, to me, is not about business or making money but a way to live your life that doesn’t embrace the western society concept of buying products and throwing them away. It would be better for the planet and people’s mental health if more people became artists.”