This artwork represents a form of release for me, a positive outlet. Art has always been my companion in navigating life’s challenges and is a source of solace. My early life was marked by hardship, with my parents leaving me at a young age. My stepmother, an art teacher, raised me and introduced me to the world of creativity. I’ll forever be grateful to her for setting me on this path.

Art uniquely provides support. There’s no need to compare or compete with other artists. Instead, it’s about creating for oneself, giving oneself a break, and not being too critical of one’s accomplishments.

This artwork reflects the feeling of freedom, akin to a bird soaring above, escaping the chaos, stress, and troubles often weighing us down. It’s a return to my theme of using a simple shape against a backdrop of chaos, influenced by my affinity for Buddhism and meditation, which stress the value of maintaining a clear and peaceful mind.


Titled ‘Free Spirit,’ this artwork signifies the sense of liberation, akin to a bird in flight, escaping the complexities of our world and the burdens that accompany it. It continues using a simple shape against a background of chaos, a concept I’ve elaborated on in my previous blog posts. This simple shape reflects my admiration for Buddhism and meditation, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a calm and uncomplicated mind.

Exploring with ChatGPT

While creating this artwork and articulating its significance, I’ve found valuable insights and support from ChatGPT, an AI language model. ChatGPT has been instrumental in helping me convey the meaning and emotion behind my art. It has become an essential tool in my artistic journey, enabling me to explore deeper creative and philosophical dimensions.