I’m a versatile person and understand that not everybody is the same; I’ve experienced many project management styles in graphic design and front-end development roles over the past twenty-five years.  But I must warn you! I will have to take hold of the project management side of things; this is why I can provide a competitive price when I provide a quote. If this doesn’t appeal to you, I suggest you work with me on my hourly rate, £12 per hour.


  • Startups.
  • Clubs & Bars.
  • Freelancers.
  • Festival Events
  • Galleries.


  • Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration & logo design.
  • Writing Blogs for Artists and Creatives.
  • 3D printer projects. (I have beginner knowledge).
  • Art Director.
  • Events/Exhibitions Coordinator.


  • Expect a blunt but constructive approach.
  • Work directly with me.
  • No large overheads.
  • I only take on a small handful of projects and provide my undivided attention.
  • To keep your costs down, I can manage other freelancers.


  • SEO (Advanced)
  • Copywriting (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Advanced)
  • HTML & CSS (Advanced)
  • Newsletter Design & Build (Advanced)
  • WordPress (Advanced)


  • Adobe InDesign (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Animate (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Premiere (Beginner)
  • Photography (Beginner)
  • Adobe illustrator (Intermediate)


  • Woodwork
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Fine Art
  • Electronics
  • 3D Printer
  • Ceramics


Course Title: 3 Day FDM 3D Printer Build and Operator Level Training Course. Dates Attended: April 2022. Course Duration: Three days. Location: 3D 360, Leigh.

Course Title: How to become a more effective and confident net-worker. Dates Attended: March 2017. Course Duration: One day. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Dates Attended: January 2017 Course. Duration: One day. Course Title: Market Research, Masterclass. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Dates Attended: January 2017. Course Duration: One day Course. Title: Sales Masterclass. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Dates Attended: January 2017. Course Duration: One day. Course Title: Branding. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Title: Advanced Word Press. Course Duration: Two days Course. Dates Attended: November 2014. Location: MadLab Manchester.

Course Duration: Ten days. Course Title: Designing Relational Databases using SQL. Dates Attended: May 2003 – July 2003. Location: University of Salford.

Dates Attended: November 2000. Course Duration: Five days. Course Title: Real-Time 3D Modelling with 3DS Max. Location: University of Salford.

Dates Attended: October 2000 – October 2000. Course Duration: 5 Evenings. Course Title: Intermediate Javascript. Location: IDEA Centre, University of Manchester.

Course Title: Multimedia and Design. Course Duration: Twice a week. Dates Attended: September 1997 – December 1997. Location: CDSTfe Economic Development, College Diploma, 36 Slater Street, Liverpool.

Dates Attended: April 1997 – May 1997. Course Duration: Twice a week. Course Title: Internet skills training. Location: University of Liverpool.


Date: Sept 1993 -May 1996.

Course Title: Fine Art- BA Hons Degree.

Location: Liverpool John Moores University.

Date: Sept 1990 -March 1993.

Course Title: BTEC National Diploma, General and Design.

Course Title: G.C.S.E. Ceramics.

Location: North East Worcestershire College.

Date: Sept 1987 -March 1999.

Course Title: G.C.S.E. English, Maths and Art.

Location: North East Worcestershire School.