Name: Helen Jones, aka Elluse

Title: Consumed, 2013

Medium: Acrylic Paint

This painting titled ‘Consumed’ expresses the technique of meditation and living a life in a humble Buddhist way. The boy is swirling around underwater, almost uncontrollably. It’s a metaphor for how we all feel in life sometimes. The decisions we make are mainly down to acquiring money and getting employment. We may not want to choose that, but we must adhere to the world capitalist world.

My painting hopefully provokes feelings of being under the weight of circumstance. If you have suffered from depression and anxiety, you will understand what I’m trying to express. Sometimes you will find you come out of a stressful situation that’s all been in your mind. It’s almost like bursting out from being submerged underwater. You may have years or even seconds to feel free, happy, and content before you are overwhelmed and plunged deep under, where you’re battling your dark thoughts and

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