In this striking acrylic artwork, the artist explores the essence of meditation and Buddhist principles. A young figure gracefully maneuvers through the underwater world, symbolizing the delicate dance between movement and tranquillity—a reflection of life’s challenges.

This piece resonates with those who have faced the weight of circumstances, evoking emotions familiar to those who’ve confronted depression and anxiety. It captures fleeting moments of respite, like breaking the surface, amidst ongoing inner struggles and responsibilities.

This artwork embodies the essence of meditation and living life according to Buddhist principles. The young figure gracefully navigates underwater, a dance of movement and tranquillity. It symbolizes the universal experience of grappling with life’s currents.

Our choices often revolve around financial gain and employment, influenced by the tenets of a capitalist society. While our desires may diverge, we find ourselves constrained by this economic world.

My artwork aims to evoke the sensation of bearing the weight of circumstance. Those familiar with the depths of depression and anxiety will resonate with the emotions I seek to convey.

At times, emergence from stress feels akin to breaking the surface, basking in fleeting moments of freedom and happiness. However, these instances are ephemeral, quickly overshadowed by the depths where inner struggles and responsibilities persist.