Within my artistic journey, ‘Greed’ stands as a compelling piece. It’s part of the ‘Ego, Jealousy & Greed’ trilogy, where creativity melds with emotional exploration. This artwork, born through a unique process using PVC glue and photographic prints, reflects my dedication to Fine Art traditions. ‘Greed’ delves into human complexity, challenging mental health stigmas and exposing the shadows of ego, jealousy, and greed. It mirrors materialistic tendencies, inviting viewers to pause, reflect, and perhaps find a path towards embracing gratitude and mindfulness.

The three collections, Ego, Jealousy & Greed, emerged through a creative process involving PVC glue and photographic prints. The canvas was coated with PVC glue, onto which a photographic print was pressed. This technique transfers the ink to the canvas, and you can delicately lift off the paper using water and your fingers. I chose this method to stay connected to my Fine Art background and ensure my creations endure for future generations to appreciate.