Name: Helen Jones, aka Elluse

Title: Jealousy 2022-2023

Medium: Oil Paint, PVC & Photography Ink.

Titled ‘Jealousy’, this painting is one of a set of three that explores my experiences with bad mental health. When I’m in a dark place, I find that people and their harsh words can affect me and make my mental health issues worse.

I wish people could understand that saying harsh and horrible words can significantly impact others, and such words can make life miserable for those who hear them. In moments of clarity, I understand that the person saying those words may be struggling with their mental health. In these situations, I try to react with compassion.

People use harsh words because they are dealing with self-worth issues. Their ego, jealousy, or greed take over their emotions, which is a shame because we should all strive to be happy.

I have to remind myself not to react to harsh words. Instead, I let them flow over my head and focus on positive emotions.

Mindfulness and meditation, as taught in Buddhism, emphasize the importance of pushing negative emotions away and focusing on love, passion, and happiness. However, it’s easier said than done.