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A synopsis of my painting ‘Consumed.’



Creating my paintings has always been, a process, of me philosophically, looking at my life, and admiring how I have created my past pieces. Whether that is technically or experimentally, it always gives me inspiration for my next creations.

This painting, title ‘consumed’, has some philosophical thought behind it. As the simple styled shape of the boy, on a hectic background, is me thinking about the zen philosophy. You will find the Buddhists talk, about keeping things simple, in your thought, when it comes to a happy, fulfilled life.

I don’t look at myself, as a Buddhist, or even say I’m religious, in the sense of praying or believing in a god, or a higher being. But I do, like to think of myself, as spiritual, and like how Buddhism, teaches the technique of simplifying your thoughts by using meditating as a tool.

This subject on simplifying your ideas and creating a simpler world interests me and has its presence throughout all my artwork.

The content of the piece


This painting titled ‘consumed’ expresses the technique of meditation and living a life in a humble Buddhist way. The boy is swirling around underwater, almost uncontrollably. It’s a metaphor of how we all feel in life sometimes.

The decisions we make are mainly down to acquiring money and getting employment. That may not be what we want to choose but have no choice but to adhere to the world capitalist world.

My painting hopefully provokes feelings, of being under the weight of circumstance. If you have suffered from depression and anxiety, you will understand that feeling I’m trying to express.

Sometimes you will find you come out of a stressful situation or state of mind. It’s almost like, bursting out from being submerged underwater. You may find, you have years, or even second,s to feel free and happy and content before you are overwhelmed and plunged down deep underwater where you’re battling with your dark thoughts and responsibilities.

Technical side


This painting has a 2D perspective. I chose this rather than 3D, as I hadn’t done a large piece of artwork for a good few years and was feeling a little out of my depth to be doing something complicated for the time being. I would like to explore the 3D perceptive, at some point, in the future.

My artwork is always a balancing act, of me learning new skills, but also keeping it enjoyable. I use it to relax outside of my full-time work; this is the aim anyway.  I do find myself getting frustrated with my artwork, as I’m a lousy boss to myself – who always wants better!

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