Synopsis of painting ‘black and white pattern.’


It’s strange how, when you do art, looking at it complete maybe a couple of months or even years. It can take you back to that very moment you were creating it. I find artists mention this to me, and it’s true! I can sometimes remember […]

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Surrealism and its philosophy

In Surrealism, the conversations on the subject ‘crisis of the object’ have been neglected mainly in studies dedicated to Surrealism. Some people think this is because the art world doesn’t like the surrealists, as they had ties with the communist party.

When […]

Why I hated my Fine Arts Degree.

I remember turning up to my Fine Arts Degree; I was seventeen and had escaped an unhappy family background. I had no qualifications and was suffering from many mental health issues.

I was the last of the poor, going to university, as in those days, you could get a student loan […]

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